Andersens Hotel


The hotel was built in 1906 and the following year the banquet hall, which has ”1907” on it’s gable.

The hotel will replace an old thatched inn from 1709, which was located immediately next door. It actually functions until the new building is ready. Then it was demolished. There are pictures where you see both buildings at the same time.

The roadbed for ”Æ’ Kleinbahn” ran along the ceremonial hall and continued by Sønderbyvej to Tiset, Arnum and on to Skærbæk by the Wadden Sea.

The hotel was built by Laurits Peter Schmidt. He sells it to Rasmus Andersen in 1915, who then operates it until 1963, when Andreas Lautrup buys it. He runs the hotel until about 2005. Thereafter, rooms and apartments are furnished in the building.

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  • Andersens Hotel
    Andersens Hotel