The Old Grammar School


A Latin school was founded on this site in 1567. The Latin school prepared its students for further studies, particularly aimed at the priesthood. Duke Hans the Elder was behind its establishment, and Haderslev scholars had a school here until 1854, when a new Latin school was built on Gåskærgade.

Even in the Middle Ages, the teaching was linked to the church. From 1465, the schoolmaster (lector) trained young men for service in the Catholic Church. In around 1522, the last school master converted to Luther’s teachings.

Duke Hans’ older brother, later King Christian III, controlled Haderslev and Tørning county from 1525–1534. As an 18-year-old, he witnessed Martin Luther defend his new doctrine against the Catholic Church, and, inspired by Luther, Christian set about implementing the Reformation in and around Haderslev. This also meant that the school went from being Catholic to being Lutheran. However, its purpose remained to form the basis for the higher education required to become a priest.


The building that stands here today is not the original. It has been rebuilt twice in a different form – the last time in 1734, when it took on its present appearance. Today, the Domsogn uses it as a church office and meeting rooms.

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  • The Old Grammar School
    The Old Grammar School